Training teaches us how to do a task. Education teaches us why. When you know the why you have a greater understanding of the task. At Insurance Services Inside and Out Training Division, we provide both.

Excellence in customer services starts with your commitment to education and training your staff. Don’t fall into the trap, “if you invest in the training they will leave.” The truth is they feel needed and respected and will stay.

Are you certain your investment is being utilized to its fullest potential? Is your employee performing to their fullest potential? Is your customer approval rating up to your satisfaction? If you have answered no to either one of these questions, we can help.

With employee turnover and unstructured training, chances are your new employee is learning bad habits handed down by employee after employee. Short cuts and poor work standards could lead the agency into an E&O claim. We can assist with training new employees, refresh current employees and help your office site employees get comfortable.

Providing your agency with Best Practice Procedure Manual and work flows promoting a level of consistence within your office.

Our audit services ensure that your employees adhere to your personalized agency procedures, as well as provide you with performance review reports.

Management Services include but are not limited to:

  • Overall management of agencies and clusters
  • Developing Employee Handbooks
  • HR services
  • Review carrier incentives and carrier services
  • Monitor virtual employees

Consultant Services

  • Development of agency growth plan
  • Producer developments
  • Obtaining new carriers


  • Staff education
  • Coaching
  • CE credit classes