Complete apps/questionnaire with Insured to obtain quotes.

  • Online rating or submit to company for quoting .
  • New and Renewal Policy review and processing
  • Review updated information for renewal quote or re-market
  • Certificates of Insurance processing
  • Managing renewal list
  • Policy audit processing
  • New Quote Proposals
  • Customer New and Renewal Review
    • Contact Insured for update information
    • Review applications to Client for approval
    • Send updated applications to carrier for renewal quote
    • Market  renewals
    • Create and send proposal to Client
    • Send to Insured with bind confirmation
    • Send bind order to carrier
  • Endorsements
    • Submit to company
    • Follow up
    • Obtain endorsement
    • Process endorsement
    • Send to Insured
  • Claims
    • Report claim to company
    • Follow up with company in regards to claim
    • Update management system with claim detail
  • Billing
    • Cancellation follow-up with company
    • Help Insured with direct bill inquiries
    • Direct bill
    • Process Insured payments using company website
  • Email – reply to Insured/Client/Carrier emails
  • Complete any requests from Carrier

Live Remote Receptionist/CSR – You are never away from your office with our Virtual Reception/CSR . Your phone is answered by a cheerful receptionist who is fully licensed. They will gather information to answer a question, provide a quote, or process a change.

.If you prefer the CSR can perform these tasks for you and provide you with a detailed service report.

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